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When I look backward, to the course of my life, I see what happened to me and this and ‘very personal, and what is happening, and what will happen to me has very little to do with you, reader, and its known that our peculiarity shows us how we are individually, and our development followed the course of this peculiarity we have. However, we are interconnected in one way or another, as social beings, family members, members of a specific community in a geographical part of the world we live in, belonging to a different political system, participating in a particular religious group and so on that it interferes with our growth, our thoughts, reflecting on our emotions and building up what we are, thus  with that we behave in our lives, with ourselves and everything around us.
Everything that happens around us is important in some way, not only for us, but those who are intertwined with our lives regardless of our control. The same to  people around you – relatives, loved ones, mentors, neighbors, authors, colleagues work, employers, employees, public persons, interconnected people through the media, customers, teachers, professionals … in short everyone and everything.
As human beings, each of us will be evolving through our interaction with others in our lives. Every time we breathe, and interact with people, and with our environment, we are seeing and absorbing energy and emotions that is modelling each experience, though unique and differently, regardless of our level of consciousness.

For example, sometimes we remember having a conversation with someone about something, anywhere, anytime. At that moment, it seemed to us that it was not  important. But later – can be minutes, hours, days or even years later – the conversation returns to our minds and it  allows us to  remember that conversation or event that “was not important”. However it is associated with completion of a thought which gives us a clear view on a current event or situation at the present moment, clarifying points of experiences that ultimately became important to us.
Now, for each of us, at that moment everything became extremely personal. And so it is for all of us indiscriminately. If we look, we see that it has served to remember some valuable thing, even in different time and circumstances, and served us for a purpose of our interaction with others. The independent mutual cooperation is a sum of values for our growth and learning. And so it is in all areas of our lives when we interact with others.

With this interaction, we discover our different aspects in all terms, such as mental, emotional and in terms of vibration of the energy we are,  and it  can then, be  applied,  these learned skills in order to develop us as people, in a context of greater fullness.
This means not accumulate titles, feeding only our intellect, it means that we are feeding our thoughts, our emotions, and thus preparing for a different behavior in response to our findings. If you stop to think about what happens to us every second of our lives and apply what we learn we are realizing that we need to adjust several adjacent of the present moment.

We do  realize and get the results we want to balance, managing to live with more inner peace and health for our physical and mental bodies. It is very important to know that all of us are born with all these rights as individuals, and with infinite potential to be tapped on and developed.
Whereas we are using these concepts at the present time, we must not employ thoughts about what happened. It is is included in our new discoveries, memories that we carry and that perhaps they could be used as experience, but more in terms of unconscious learning. What we are now becomes the most important factor for our  ignition to  evolve, and this and all we need, right now. Even though , the way we perceive the causes and effects into our lives in the past never will be the same way once we had  realized and made changes establishing new  directions.
The fact of seeking justification for what happened is nothing more ‘than wasting time and energy that we can use  to create pathways  forward to transform our reality, because each individual is responsible for it’s own reality. The common point here is :  we are  focusing in a different object. Before,  the object was out there, was the outer world to the inner world, from the general to the particular, and here we are putting the individual as an object, and then give the relationship with the outside world.
This may seem utopian, egocentric. However  we were well taught to be  directed and manipulated during our lives, always, just so we could be controlled and manipulated in the interests of a minority controlling the majority of mankind.
Personal development has never been in the interest of leaders of political groups, social and religious because if it did it would be impossible to perform control over people, which nothing less,  meant cutting off from root our rights to exercise the power we all possess within as individuals to carry out our missions which we were assigned to fulfill for our own peace, health and prosperity, and for the highest purpose of humankind.