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All About You

Welcome to ALL ABOUT YOU page.

This page logically, for me now writing here is blank, because I don’t know about you.
I will start with few questions here and we will intent to develop it together.
Do you know about you?
It is not inquisition. It is just a starting point to understand our personal development process. We normally think about things and people, we wonder, we ponder, we analyze, we compare, we judge, and we do all sort of things about all. What do you do about yourself? Probably we do all those sort of things about us too.
Let’s put that way: we are here for something positive: development. We look forward to have, seen and feel better, and it is positive. We all have strength and weakness, and if we want to develop we have here one primary task to perform working on ourselves; identify where we will start from. However we will try to work together with other attributes at the same time to facilitate our job and make sure all go smooth and without getting out of our own pace. We are not here to race; we are not here to compete with others, but with our own capability to know, and to do for ourselves.
This is a little pause about it: If we stop few minutes, in our daily life, before to fall asleep and just think about: what have I done today, have a little recall about your last hours, what I know that I could have done better, but I will do some improvements on it tomorrow. This is a personal kind of competition, which with we can use for our one. Just in case you cannot recall anything that day, it is also fine, just honor and respect yourself in anyway, because it is your pace, and only yours.
“Talking” about attributes: what do you think about all yours? Where are they seating on? Have you ever thought that you have master’s attributes? Have you ever thought that you can meet them inside you, bring them outside you and put them all in service for you and for others? What about that?
We think, we ponder. So you would be asking: why should I start from the hardest? That is completely acceptable, and the answer is: Are you already on yours? And you are free to believe that for you the starting point is not from that, so that means you KNOW that and you need something new. So you know where you have to start from, it is all we are here about. The is no level for us, such as higher, lower, as we are not racing, we are not competing; no paradigm that we know yet that we can use, we only know that we are unique and with the birthright to chose, to evolve and make the most of our lives.
Please, remember it is not a counseling page, it is not a physiological game, and it is not fortune teller page. So please, take this more like an exchange of information, such as a relaxed conversation with a friend in a comfortable situation, like having a cup Sunday afternoon or even holding a fishing rode sliding over nice and calm water.

Are you prepared to start to write the pages of your life for you? Are you willing to know more about you?