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Media Release from Balboa Press

4 June 2014

Elvira Divina Fernandes’ new book shares journey of faith, sensuality ‘Sailing Through Life’ gives autobiographical account of journey, encouragement to readers PERTH, Australia – Author Elvira Divina Fernandes shares her journey through life and her thoughts on God and sex in her new memoir, “Sailing Through Life: My Life with God, Spirituality, and Sexuality” (published by Balboa Press AU).

Fernandes describes her life as ordinary. She is, in essence, referring to her position as housewife and mother. Her true story, however, describes a woman defined by much more than her occupation.

Fernandes’ story takes readers on an intimate and profound journey of faith and sexuality as she grows from a passive teenager into a confident and proud woman. She explains her endeavor to live a life of courage, spirituality, faith and sensuality in a way so as to encourage others to take such a path for themselves as well.

“‘Sailing Through
An excerpt from “Sailing Through Life”:

“We can always protect and nurture our inner light, spirituality, and sexuality to fulfill our journey towards complete wholeness of body, soul, heart, and mind.”

“Sailing Through Life”
By Elvira Divina Fernandes
Softcover | 7.5 x 9.25 in | 86 pages | ISBN 9781452514062
E-Book | 86 pages | ISBN 9781452514055
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble